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The MUZEUM UŽITKOVÉ TECHNIKY  is situated in private buildings in a former farm near the square in Mníšek pod Brdy, in buildings which once served as a fabric dying mill and for making starch.

The factory was built in 1862 and demolished before the Second World War. There were also originally large cellars for storing potatoes, the arches of which were discovered during reconstruction work. Of the original buildings, the factory owner’s villa and several commercial buildings have survived, but unfortunately they were all in a sorry state after nationalisation and years of socialist usage.


The commercial buildings which house the exhibits are gradually being renovated. The construction of the restoration workshops was started in 2011, followed by the construction of new exhibition halls with facilities for visitors to the museum.

The museum collects exhibits which were used for work and transport. When it is possible, the exhibits are left in the condition in which they were obtained, so that they retain their weather-beaten appearance, period repairs and damage sustained from operation. The machines are gradually being maintained and made operational. We take part in various events with some of them, and some are also hired out to filmmakers.

The collection is registered in the Central Register of Collections held by the Ministry of Culture, and the Museum has also become a founding member of the Association of Private Technical Museums.

At present the collection includes more than 80 tractors, around 40 commercial vehicles, approximately 90 stationary engines and other small technical objects.

A visit to the museum may be combined with a visit to Mníšek Chateau or the Baroque Skalka complex. The surroundings offer many possibilities for walking and cycling in the Brdy forests (more information at www.mnisek.cz).